Ingrid Michelle Warren

Democrat For Judge, Probate Court No. 2

A Vision for Families

Ingrid is running for Judge of Probate Court No. 2 because she believes it is crucial that families understand how important it is to leave a will. Ingrid knows firsthand from her years of experience as a probate attorney the impact of a simple will. A simple will can remove the sting of death by allowing assets to transfer seamlessly from one generation to the next. Her plan is to promote and encourage Dallas County citizens to recognize the benefits of planning.

As our community ages, more people will face the need for a guardian to handle their affairs because of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The ability to identify those among us that need protection from exploitation will become more difficult as our community grows. Ingrid’s time representing people during guardianship proceedings revealed the need for protecting those that are unable to protect themselves. Ingrid will support the collaboration among existing resources to protect the elderly.